Join us

We currently have one vacancy, see here.

Why be a parish councillor?

  • Can make positive change in the community, and there is actual money to help do that (from both CIL / S106 funding, see here) and from the precept raised from council tax
  • Conversely, it’s also possible to help get council tax bills down by saving money

What is the parish council responsible for?

  • Management of three parks (Oxford Road Rec, Herschel Crescent Rec and the small Newman Park alongside the ring road)
  • Installation of small-scale things like bins, benches and bus shelters
  • Commenting on planning applications and other planning issues (although we have no decision-making powers)
  • Traffic calming like the work on Oxford Road over the summer and those flashing speed limit signs now on Sandy Lane West
  • Running small community grant scheme (up to £500 grants)
  • Annual litter pick
  • Projects like the LTN survey and the 17th Feb public transport meeting
  • Publishing the local newsletter Littlemore Local

Time commitment

  • Minimum: one 2h full parish council meeting once a month (this is currently 2nd Tuesday of the month)
  • There are three extra committees (finance, planning and personnel) which you need to be voted onto (also meet monthly) 
  • There are various other working groups (e.g. transport, climate and biodiversity, IT, neighbourhood plan, community engagement, small grants) – these meet in a much more ad-hoc basis depending on what is going on. Members of the public can join these. 

Salary / expenses

  • Salary: none
  • Expenses: none (though very unlikely to incur any)

Email [email protected] for more information or to apply