Join us

We currently have one vacancy, see here. The Council is looking to Co-opt a new Councillor for Littlemore Ward at the November 14th Full Council meeting. Interested applicants should read, complete and return the documents below by midday on Monday November 6th. Completed applications will then be circulated to existing Councillors for consideration before the November 14th Parish Council meeting, where a vote will be held to decide whom the Council agrees to co-opt. Eligible applicants will also be expected to give a short speech introducing themselves at the November 14th meeting.

Why be a parish councillor?

  • Can make positive change in the community, and there is actual money to help do that (from both CIL / S106 funding, see here) and from the precept raised from council tax
  • Conversely, it’s also possible to help get council tax bills down by saving money

What is the parish council responsible for?

  • Management of three parks (Oxford Road Rec, Herschel Crescent Rec and the small Newman Park alongside the ring road)
  • Installation of small-scale things like bins, benches and bus shelters
  • Commenting on planning applications and other planning issues (although we have no decision-making powers)
  • Traffic calming like the work on Oxford Road over the summer and those flashing speed limit signs now on Sandy Lane West
  • Running small community grant scheme (up to £500 grants)
  • Annual litter pick
  • Projects like the LTN survey and the 17th Feb public transport meeting
  • Publishing the local newsletter Littlemore Local

Time commitment

  • Minimum: one 2h full parish council meeting once a month (this is currently 2nd Tuesday of the month)
  • There are three extra committees (finance, planning and personnel) which you need to be voted onto (also meet monthly) 
  • There are various other working groups (e.g. transport, climate and biodiversity, IT, neighbourhood plan, community engagement, small grants) – these meet in a much more ad-hoc basis depending on what is going on. Members of the public can join these. 

Salary / expenses

  • Salary: none
  • Expenses: none (though very unlikely to incur any)

Email [email protected] for more information or to apply