Neighbourhood Plan

A neighbourhood plan for Littlemore

We hope that as many people as possible who live, study or work in Littlemore will assist in creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Littlemore. It is a good way for everyone in Littlemore, whatever their views, to come together to try and make Littlemore an even better place to live.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a statutory planning document which links with the Oxford City Local Plan but provides more of a local flavour. The aim of it is  to ensure that future development is in line with what local people want and think is appropriate for Littlemore Parish. Neighbourhood Plans contain two sorts of policy – strategic ones which directly affect planning applications and community ones which are more general to highlight possible improvements. The Plan has to be approved at a referendum, which we hope will be in 2025 but may not be until 2026. So it does not deal with immediate issues but should be of great benefit to Littlemore in the long-term.

The process can be lengthy and complex but we will try to keep people updated regularly through the Littlemore Local and the Parish Council website. We asked those who live, study or work in Littlemore to complete an Issues and Options survey in Summer 2023 and were pleased to receive 515 responses – thank you. During Autumn 2023 five policy groups drew up draft policies based on an analysis of these, statistics on Littlemore and discussions about the identity and character of Littlemore and how this may be affected over the next 15 years. In January 2024, the draft Plan was then written and in February 2024 the Parish Council approved it for public consultation.

What happens next?

The pre-submission public consultation will open on May 7th and run until 18th June 2024. We are asking all those who live, study or work in Littlemore – and other stakeholders with whom the regulations say that we must consult – to respond and make any suggestions for changes. This gives the chance to see whether the draft Plan accurately reflects what people think and to consider any suggested changes. After these comments have been considered and any changes approved by the Parish Council, a final draft will then formally be submitted to Oxford City Council. There will then be a further round of public consultation and the draft Plan will be considered by an independent examiner before a final version is put to residents in a referendum

Where to find the necessary documents

All the necessary documents will be posted here when the consultation opens. These include;

  • the draft Plan (which is quite long and detailed and includes all the proposed policies)
  • a short version which includes guidance on how to respond (online or on paper)
  • a two page form for paper responses.

The link to make online responses will be here. 

Copies will also be available in various community venues locally and we shall be holding drop-in sessions or can attend local events to answer any queries and help with responses. We will publicize these in the Littlemore Local and on this page. We will also put posters up to publicize the consultation. If you know of any suitable events or places for these, and/or can help publicize the consultation, please let us know as soon as possible.

This is an important opportunity for everyone in Littlemore to send in their comments and suggestions, whatever their age, background and views. We look forward to receiving these.

Please contact Jan Pullen on [email protected] or Tony Eaude on [email protected] if you can help or have any queries.

Thank you.

March 2024