Neighbourhood Plan

A neighbourhood plan for Littlemore

We hope that as many people as possible who live, study or work in Littlemore will assist in creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Littlemore. It is a good way for everyone in Littlemore, whatever their views, to come together to try and make Littlemore an even better place to live.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document which has to conform with the Oxford City Local Plan but adds detail to it, to try to ensure that future development is in line with what local people want and think is appropriate for Littlemore Parish. Neighbourhood Plans contain two sorts of policy – strategic ones which directly affect planning applications and community ones which are more general to highlight possible improvements. The Plan has to be approved at a referendum, which we hope will be in 2025 but may not be until 2026. So it does not deal with immediate issues but should be of great benefit to Littlemore in the long-term.

Having your say

The process is a long and complicated one and we will keep people updated regularly through the Littlemore Local and the Parish Council website. But the next few months up to August 2023 are a vital time when we gather everyone’s views. We did this previously in 2019 and are grateful to the many residents who contributed then but the evidence gathered needs to be updated.

We are doing this through a two-page survey, available on paper or on-line. We hope that as many people as possible will fill this in and give us their thoughts on Littlemore and how it can be improved, in relation to areas such as amenities, the built environment and development, the natural environment, health and wellbeing, and connectivity and transport. The survey is attached to the electronic version of the May Littlemore Local and available at Paper copies can be collected from or returned to the Littlemore Post Office.

To gather views from a wide range of people, we are planning over the next few months to:

  • call on as many houses as possible (but we won’t manage to visit every house)
  • try and visit different groups by invitation
  • be at community events to explain and ask people to complete the survey

Please assist in this work. You can do so in various ways:

  • completing the survey and persuading others to do so
  • volunteering to call on some houses either as part of a group or separately
  • inviting us to come to your group to explain (very briefly) about the Neighbourhood Plan and ask them to fill the survey in- and help if need be
  • letting us know about any events you are holding which we could come to.

This is an important opportunity for everyone in Littlemore to work together, whatever their age, background and views. Please contact Jan Pullen on [email protected] or Tony Eaude on [email protected] if you can help or have any queries. Thank you.

May 2023

Our survey can be found: